The Statement of the SP PLN Group toward the Constitutional Court Ruling on Job Creation Law

On today (06/12/2021) join press conference via zoom, PLN Group Trade Union (SP PLN Group) that consist of The Trade Union of State Electricity Enterprises (SP PLN), the Indonesia Power Employee Association (PPIP), and The Trade Union of Java-Bali Power Plant (SP PJB) express the disappointment on the government behavior to keep implementing the Law number 11 year 2020 on Job Creation along with its implementing regulations.

As we all know that on November 25, 2021, the Constitutional Court has ruled the judicial review appeal for the Law Number 11 year 2020 on Job Creation filed by trade unions, including SP PLN Group.

Responding to the ruling, SP PLN Group stated its position as follow:

  1. Appreciating and respecting the Constitutional Court ruling stating that the making of Job Creation Law is un-constitutional although conditionally.
  2. Disappointed by the Government as they keep stating that the Job Creation Law and its implementing regulation still into effect for two years.
  3. Requesting all parties to understand and implement all point of the Constitutional Court Ruling for the decision number 91/PUU-XVIII/2020 related to Law Number 11 Year 2020 on Job Creation.
  4. Referring to the ruling point Number 7 of the decision Number 91/PUU-XVIII/2020 urge the Government and Judicial Institutions to not implement the government decree as the implementing regulation for the Job Creation Law which are strategic and invasive or having a broad impact.
  5. Especially for the manpower cluster and sub-cluster electricity, where the appeal of SP PLN Group considered as lost its object, so by this affirmed that the Job Creation Law, especially manpower cluster and sub-cluster electricity is not into effect and postpone its implementation for two years.
  6. SP PLN Group will keep trying to do follow up action to revoke the Job Creation law permanently and will take any necessary legal action, should there any parties keep implementing the Job Creation Law and its implementing regulation before being amended.

Prepared by:

  1. Muhammad Abrar Ali, the General Chairperson of DPP SP PLN Persero (HP: 0811-6562-973)
  2. Dwi Hantoro, the General Chairperson of PP IP (HP: 0812-8643-9018)
  3. Agus Wibawa, the General Chairperson of SP PJB (HP: 0896 8750 0690)

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