Energy unions towards 2021 strategic actions

Today, 8 December 2020, the energy unions are completing a strategic meeting and a follow-up to the campaign and action program against Law No. 11/2020 concerning Job Creation, particularly the Electricity Sub-cluster. There are many things we will work on. Both litigation and non-litigation. Submitting a judicial review to the Constitutional Court, campaigns, and further actions. We have worked on a Judicial Review to the Constitutional Court with Gekanas. We registered the files for Judicial Review to the Constitutional Court yesterday, December 7, 2020.However, there are still some other important actions that need to be taken. Mainly conducting socialization related to the impact of the Job Creation Law to workers and to the wider community. We also agree to expand alliances not only with trade unions, but also other organizations and communities to get their support in winning over workers’ interests and maintaining electricity as a public good and because, privatization of this sector must be resisted. If electricity is privatized to the community, when the state does not interfere anymore with the sectors that control the lives of many people; in the end the people will be disadvantaged, and unions must take actions!

#Power #Actions

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